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Hello Ladies!

Hello Ladies!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is She Cheating?

Welcome to my world!

Hi I'm Valintino!

Every three months i will take you through four steps. These four steps are the steps along a journey in which you will follow me on as I engage in a three month long affair with married women. All while keeping in mind i am single and ultimately have nothing at risk in these brief encounters. Although i will say, some of the women who you will read about in these encounters stand to loose everything.

Some of these women have been married for years and even have children my age, and for these women an affair is the last thing on their minds. (That is until i came along) you will also read encounters in which some of the women are merely newly wed's and have only been married for a few months. I aim to prove to the world that it doesnt matter if its been ten years or ten moths, "All Women Cheat!" and that even though in many of these encounters the circumstances will be different, the four common denominators or steps to the affair will always remain the same. I.MEETING II. ATTRACTION III.OPPORTUNITY IV. EXIT

Oh yea for those of you who are saying "Damn! But u shouldn't mess with married women though..." A wise man once said, "Crush your enemy totally. If one ember is left alight, no matter how dimly it smolders, a fire will eventually break out."Soo instead of me spending all my hard work and time on proven a point, only to hear people say things like " aww that don't count.. she was a hoe!" or "aww i mean if they ain't married it don't really count." I figured i would just shoot for the head.

Now guys, please don't get upset! I assure you that If u follow the steps it will also teach you how to detect whether or not your wife is having an affair or if your just being paranoid. Also please don't get my title misconstrued. (I would hate to turn on the news the next morning and find out that some nut job husband went crazy after reading my blog and is now behind bars for refusing to believe his wife after hours of beating and interrogation on whether or not she's having an affair.) whew! now that that's been said. Let me make it perfectly clear. I am not saying that all women WILL cheat. I am simply saying that all women, given the right I.MEETING II. ATTRACTION III.OPPORTUNITY & IV. EXIT.. 99.99% (.1%= Sister Mary. Nobody was tapping that) dive face first into the affair. Don't believe me... Well just ask your girlfriend/wife who her favorite actor or artist is (look at her facial expression when she answers)... get it yet????

I. The Meeting (A Concert/Award Show)

In many affairs women meet the men in places in which her and her husband have never been at together. Places in which she feels like her husbands will never take her. It may be in another state it can be when they go out with there girlfriend somewhere or sometimes its as simple as a place like work. In fact the work place is probably the most common "Meeting" place for most affairs in America. Seeing as how her husband will never accompany her to work this is the perfect meeting place for flirting and permiscuity and tends to open Pandora's box when it comes to the next step.

II. The Attraction (This is merely physical and financial)

Well this step is a no-brainer! There always has to be an attraction in every scenario. (without an attraction, she will hit you with the "but I'm married" line all day long!) So even though this is the second step please, treat this as the most important! and note how I only say attraction. That's because in many cases men can underestimate this step. they believe that if they continue to be as attractive as when they first met their wife that the attraction will never be a factor.

WRONG! 95% of women who have affairs say that attraction goes far beyond "Physical Attractions" (nice body, clean cut, and good sex!). Sometimes its "Financial Attraction" maybe he drives a better car than her husband, or maybe he lives in a bigger house than her family. It can even be as small as him offering to buy everyone in the workplace lunch once a week. It can be Emotional/Mental Attraction" maybe he listens better. maybe he exudes a care free attitude ambitious state of mind that she seeks in her husband. Maybe his vocabulary choice of words are more diverse. All these are key "attraction" factors in every affair. On some occasions I've noticed that women can get content and bored with their situation and start to feel as if they settled when it comes to the one they chose to spend the rest of their life with, and can seek to find all three. Either way, there is and always will be an attraction.

III. The Opportunity (Favorite actor/artist.... need i same more?)

The opportunity cam be a tricky step. Its all about the circumstances. Sometimes opportunity can pertain to whether their is anything to gain in the encounter, meaning "can this man do more for me than the man I'm with do for me?"and/or "can this man give it to me(sex) on a constant basis without me getting caught?" In some cases with older women (40+yrs married for 20+yrs) I've found that they seek for an adventurous opportunity. "can this man cure some child hood dream or fantasy that Ive always had?"or "can this young, hung, good looking stud rock my world!" (lol I've actually had someone tell me that) I guess when u get older you start to realize all the things you missed out on in life, and when a life changing opportunity comes along one cant help but to act upon their human instincts. Which amongst most cougars, the only instincts are to attack! (Some scientist relate this to old age and say its only human nature to want to do something you've always wanted to do before you die!)

IV. The EXIT (he's a movie star/artist there is no true expectations thus the exit is not only easy but emanate)

It is always important for BOTH parties to understand the this step. "The exit." Whether its a one night stand or its to do it for a while and stop. Hell even the ultimate is to to ride off into the sunset together and never look back! Whatever it is, there must be and EXIT!!! (WARNING: if this step is left to go un-noticed for too long it can only lead to FAILURE and in some cases DEATH!) and when the exit plan is an agreed upon one this can make for a smooth and easy transition that can lead to both parties being happy and content. But if not well...Think of it as a booty call. A booty call is great with an agreed upon EXIT plan. (wham! bam! thank u ma'am!) with no EXIT plan... Well lets just say you don't want this six foot four inch 235lb trained marine that's been in Afghanistan shooting the Taliban for two years to come home and find you laying in bed with his wife! This WILL NOT I REPEAT WILL NOT be a good night! FYI NEVER mess with military wives.! It doesnt matter how much the steps seems perfect and in line. NEVER mess with military wives!. One mis-calculation of this step can be a disaster.

So now that the steps are covered let's get into our first encounter... for the sake of upholding my integrity ( and legal purposes) i will conceal the identity of these women by using false names.

January-March Codename: Stacey

I. The Meeting:

A friend invited me to a spoken word lounge on the day after new years. Thats where i seen Stacy. She was with her home girls and I could tell she was married. Married women have a way of acting when they hang out with their single friends in an active environment i.e... club, lounge, concert. beside the fact of her staring at her phone every thirty minutes (signs of an insecure husband important when one approaches step II.) Stacy was getting frustrated with her friend flirtatious and and free spirited antics(they do this out of jealousy and spite they want you to come back to the single side until they find someone too. but that's a whole new blog! lol) So she moved closer towards the stage into an empty seat. i figured she did this because she knew her friend wouldn't follow.

Little did Stacy know i had been watching her since her last 3 txt messages. So I got up and slowly made m way towards her. As i took the seat next to hear i smiled and acknowledge her presents. After that i just waited. I was sure that her husband would txt her again and i figured i would use that as my topic of conversation... so after the 3rd text i gave her a look then i smiled... the smile invited her to explain what was happening and apologize (which is what she proceeded to do). I didn't really care i just wanted her to think i did. That was just to see if she would apologize. you see her apology was a sign of attraction. had she thought i was ugly and not interesting she wouldn't have cared enough to acknowledge me and give me an apology and probably would have dared me to say something.

So now that i have an apology i move in for the kill. i start to make light conversation... always start off with a joke. "Well its OK, maybe you should let me answer the phone next time and tell him that you are busy watching the show with your boyfriend and husband time doesn't kick in until after the show" she laughed and said "How you know that was my husband... (women love when you notice that they are married and don't just act oblivious to the rock on their finger. you don't have to mention it just don't undermine it. she is not a hoe... someone put a ring on her finger!) I replied with. com'on, a pretty women like yourself out with your home girls and your phone keeps going off, who else would it be? (always seem cunning and humorous) so now that you've interrupted my show, do u mind getting a drink with me and talking for a little bit or are you in a rush? after looking around to see if her friend were watching she replied, "Naw i better not i think my friends are ready to go and I'm married so that wouldn't be a good look. Thanks anyway".

I then proceeded to laugh a little as i stated "Wow so not only do you play "jay-z" (her ring tone) in my ear through -out the show all night but now your rejecting me... whats your husbands number so i can call him and tell him that he owes me some money for ruining my night as well. Naw I'm kidding look i know your married and I'm not trying to be your man I'm just asking you to have a drink and a little conversation with me. Tell you what if it will make you feel any better you can pay for your own drink..." then i laughed. She said "whaaat! i don't think so! if i have a drink with anyone they better be the one paying for it!" mmmhhhmm is that what yall doing now... if so you need to tell me where they do dat at? i replied with "Well you seemed as though me asking you to have a conversation and a drink in a public lounge on a Saturday night that I'm asking you to cheat on your husband... hmmm where they do that at?" (always make them seem like they were the first to assume or jump to conclusion. you should always speak as if though all your intentions are innocent) so she laughed and said "Yea I guess your right... well I guess your right there isn't anything wrong with having a drink." Now we open the door for the next step. The Attraction!

II. The Attraction

So now that ive broken the ice and Stacy has now allowed me into her comfort zone, I will now began to get inside her mind and see what her ultimate fantasy is and see if i will be able to A. Provide her with that fantasy. B. Give her the opportunity to live out that fantasy. and C. Develop a good EXIT strategy! (A true pick-up artist calculate's every move all the way to the end.) So as the dialogue begans (exchange names and let her order a drink... pay attention to the drink of choice. women like men who listen and if her attraction is emotional/mental this will go a long way.) I began by asking her open ended question... "So tell me about what it is you do for a living?" (I never bring up her relationship first. Why? Well its simple, i know she's married. she knows shes married and she knows that i know that she knowns i know she is married. so why bring it up!)

She said " Well im a third grade teacher and i work with kids that have been diagnosed with DS (down syndrome) . Ive been doing it for about 8 1/2 years now and i really enjoy what i do. "i replied with, "Ohh so your one of the few that had a dream and actually folloewd it to the end!" she laughed and said "Yea, I guess your right, i always knew i would work with kids just never thought it would be as a teacher. i then asked her, "So do u think you chose to work with kids that have special needs to give you some type of challenge?" She said she never thought about it like that but that could be one of the reasons.... I replied with "God has a funny way of providing us with opportunities to do what we want its just up to us to take advantage of it... (with a sly look)" (this line is the turning point of the whole conversation, she has no idea what im about to hit her with next! Now watch how casual conversation and a drink can take you a long way if the attraction is perfect for the opportunity.) She looked back at me and said in a sacastic voice... "and what opportunity would that be?" Before i answered her question I signaled to the bartender to bring us two more drinks... ( I made sure to order what she was previously drinking... she noticed ;-))

I laughed "There you go again.... I think you live where they do dat at!" (i knew her sacastic remark to my statement was to insuiate or assume that my statement was about her acting on the opportunity to be with me. so by cracking the joke she cracked the 1st time she made this assumption I let her know that I caught the sacasm and that she was dead wrong about her assumptions... when in actuallity she really wasnt) Naw mamma seriously, i mean youve never been in a situation and said to yourself "Man if i wasnt doing such and such I would do that." or "If i wasnt going to such and such i would go there!" and when such and such doesnt work out you are blaming yourself for never taking that opportunity? She looked off into space as if she was trying to remember some child hood dream that she had always let elude her! when i seen her agree with me (the smerk usually gives it away) I said "So tell me stacy what would be the perfect trip" she said to Paris? I ask well why havent you went yet? she replied... "no money?" I said ok well tell me what you would do if u had a billion dollars and teaching wasnt available but you still had to work?" she said she would be a singer! I ask so why dont you sing? she replied with "Because I dont have a billion dollars and I would make more money teaching than I would singing... lol" ok ok ok.... So tell me what would be the perfect date and what would your knight and shining armor look like? she said well ive always wanted to go somewhere I've never been before and do something ive never done before... and as for my knight and shining armor well it would be my husband! ( I looked at her like bullshit!) she laughed and said seriously it would be.

I said ok well wouldnt you like the opportunity to live that dream. To just be able to wake up and have the perfect date everyday or be able to get on a jet whenever you want and to go to where the sun is always shining! Her faced filled with excitement and said "Hell yea! of course... I mean who wouldnt. but unfortunately there is reality." I looked at her perplexed and asked her "So does reality not include doing the things that one desires???" I mean why cant we live our lives the way we want and do what we've dream of doing all our lives? there are people who do it everyday.... she stated "Yea rich people but for the teachers of the world we have to live within our means." I said well mayb when you stop letting your circumstances dictate your happiness... your dreams will become a reality...

Then i ended the conversation there. I began to excuse myself and made it seem as if I had an urgent engagement that i needed to make and talking to her made me lose track of time. I stated that I had an incredible time getting to know her and that i would love to maybe do lunch sometime and tell her about what it is i do and what my dreams are! I asked her to take my number and to call me if she ever got a chance. (never ask them for their number... leaves an option for them to say no! beside if they call you thats how you know step II went well and the phone call is a way of figuring out how step III is going to work). Remember always end the conversation before she can, and never talk about yourself make it all about them in the conversation, this gives them a reason to wanna call you even if its just so they can feel as if they ended the encounter, and to also feel as if they got a little information about you and did'nt just ramble on about themselves the whole night. ladies hate rejection and cutting them off before there finish talking and leaving before they can get any information in order to give themselves some since of control. in their eyes is a very big form of rejection.

Oh and if your still confused about what her attraction is that means you may be lacking a little emotional/mental attraction in your love life. You see, from that brief conversation i was able to get her to open up and let me know what attraction she is so desiring in her realtionship. All without her having a clue as to what i was doing. If u listen to her responses and her actions you will be able to see that stacy's attraction is emotional/mental and financial. For example: when her boyfriend kept calling her that told me she was looking for someone to just ease her nerves. An insecure partner can drive someone crazy! trust me I know. that leads to her wanting to find someone she can just talk to and help her get her mind off of her husband. i.e "mental" as you listen and she gets comfortable the conversations will began to get more personal i.e "emotional" Any dialogue that carries on for more than 15minutes without and ackward silence and is feeled with laughing, can mean that you two connect on a "mental" level. get it?

The financial was easy... every excuse she gave me about why she could never do anything that made her happy was because of financial reason. Also having the funds to atleast do one of the things she always dreamed of doing just didnt seem like a reality to her.... also from glancing at the rock on her finger a little closer I could see that it wasnt worth more than about $1000 and a women of her age and beauty with a $899.99 wedding set screams financial insufficiency (and I know what the ring is worth because im a cert. diamontologist for the #1 jewelry company in America, now holla back!). Your probably saying well how do you know it wasnt physical? Well the fact that she was corny enough to mention her husband as her knight and shining aromor and is willing to put up with his insecurities even after giving her the $899.99 wedding set tells me that she is happy with the physical. Hell it also tells me that thats the only thing she is happy with and thats probably the reason they got together in the first place. He probably wanted to wife her up quick so he went and put a ring on her finger just to keep her around or in his mind "LOCK her DOWN". (MEN The ring doesnt mean SHIT with no FOLLOW through)

So now that i know what i know about her... by me leaving her with my number she is going to wanna figure out if the reason i brought up our conversation is because i can provide the dreams she wants and desire. Even though i never said what i do for a living and how much money I make, something inside of her is telling her that i can. Simply because I have let my action do all the talking for me.You see the fact that i was not intrested in her relatioonship and if she was happy with the person whom she was inlove with ( guys that never works) or the fact that i wasnt staring at her breast and I looked at her in her eyes at all times complimented by the fact that i never made one flirtatious comment and i left as if i was someone of extreme and importance. Just made me all the more mysterious and intriging. Now she is thinking about those opportunities she missed as a young lady before marriage and she is determine to not let her past repeat itself. So she WILL call. Its up to me now to present her with the right "OPPORTUNITY"